My garage door opener makes a beeping noise every 30 seconds. How do I stop it?

A beep every 30 seconds indicates that the battery inside the overhead motor unit is no longer working properly/cannot be charged. If you look on the right side of the unit, there should be a battery door (secured by a single phillips screw). Remove the door, and the battery is inside. It is the standard size square “lantern” battery. While you can purchase a replacement from Chamberlain, it is likely cheaper to go to batteries plus or a similar store to get the replacement. If you take the “bad” Chamberlain battery with you, the store can match up a replacement.

One tip – the batteries in Chamberlain openers can be hard to slide out, even with the battery door removed. If you wrap a piece of duct tape around your hand (sticky side out), it helps to grip and raise the front part of the battery slightly, allowing it to slide out smoothly. If you then leave a piece of duct tape attached to the new battery, with a section folded over to make a pull tab, the next removal goes a lot easier.

Finally – the battery is just for times when the power is out, but the opener will work fine without the battery installed. So, if you don’t need the battery back up option, you don’t necessarily need to replace your current battery. Just take the bad battery out, and the system will work perfectly as long as the power is on to your house – and the beeping will stop.