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An automatic garage door opener makes coming and going from your home simple and safe. Our automatic openers are powered by quiet and powerful DC motors and are designed and engineered in Australia. Regardless of the brand of your garage door, 100% Garage Doors has the garage door opener solution to suit your requirements.


Automating garage doors is very common these days because of our busy lifestyles and because its becoming more affordable with improving technology. If you have a roller door, sectional or panel door or even a tilt door we have the perfect motor range hand picked to serve you well. Market leading brands and warranties is just the beginning.

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Benefits of a new 100% Garage Door

After installing 1000’s of garage doors we still are amazed at what impact a new garage door makes. For all shift workers or people who use their garage door at off peak times, a new garage door offers superior noise reduction compared to an old door. In a carport situation, a new garage door offers a high level of security, it can hide away your personal belongings and vehicles from the street view. The list of benefits goes on, give 100% Garage doors a call or email and we will happily discuss with you how to match the perfect door to your requirements.

  Increase the value of your property
  Easy access to your home
  Match the aesthetic of your house
  Guaranteed work quality from the experts
  Widest range of doors from the top brands