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15 Dec 2015

How to fix a broken garage door

Here are some simple steps to check before calling us for professional assistance:

**Safety first, don’t get caught off guard by a door that now has an underlying safety risk**

Step 1 – All garage doors are counterbalanced by a steel spring system (sometimes visible and sometimes not visible), its important that a person recognises that a broken door can roll down or unload a huge amount of weight and pressures causing a great deal of damage if handled incorrectly.

**If your door has broken down suddenly and your not sure why, its recommended to contact 100% Garage Doors – (07) 3284 7773 or 0448 104 180 for a safe and professional repair.**



15 Dec 2015
beep beep beep

Why is my Garage Door Motor beeping

My garage door opener makes a beeping noise every 30 seconds. How do I stop it?

A beep every 30 seconds indicates that the battery inside the overhead motor unit is no longer working properly/cannot be charged. If you look on the right side of the unit, there should be a battery door (secured by a single phillips screw). READ MORE